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Our Supporters

The generosity of our supporters allows Italian-Canadian students to stay at the head of the class. Each donation helps a student reach convocation.

Tutor – minimum $25/year
Teacher – minimum $100/year
Professor – minimum $250/year
Dean – minimum $500/year
President – minimum $1,000/year
Chancellor – minimum $1,500/year

(donor names to be listed in their donation category)

Benefits of Contributing

As a contributor to the CIBPA Ottawa Scholarship you have the opportunity to:

Benefit Italian student and their families
Average tuition fees in Ontario are $4,600/year – plus the cost of books and living expenses – total costs can reach $12K to $15K / year x 3 or 4 years

The scholarships help to reinforce a sense of heritage and culture – young Italian students will know they have the support of their ethnic community.

Being part of the CIBPA scholarship campaign is our commitment to our larger Italian family and the future of our culture and heritage in the city.

You will be recognized as someone who supports the Italian community and cares enough to contribute your personal time and energy to a good cause.

It is an important initiative that will be a lasting contribution to the city.

It’s a shared initiative with other CIBPA members.

It provides you with the opportunity to make a difference.


Thank you for considering a gift to the CIBPA Ottawa Scholarship Award.
Gifts to the CIBPA Ottawa Scholarship Award will support an Italian-Canadian student to achieve their academic and personal goals.

We need to prepare our students for positions of leadership in the arts and culture, in business and industry, in public life, and in professions such as engineering, law and medicine. You can ensure that future generations of Italian-Canadians achieve their potential, for themselves, their families and the future of our community.

How can I make my gift?

    You have many options available to make your contribution fit your needs and preferences:
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Pre-authorized monthly credit car or bank debit
  • On-line donation


CIBPA Ottawa Scholarship Award respects the privacy of its donors and keeps your personal information strictly confidential. We do not share our donor list.

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