Mission Vision Values

The Mission of the CIBPA

CIBPA Ottawa offers members a complete range of services and activities to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration, and encourage the development and growth of the Italian-Canadian business community in the National Capital Region.


  • Harnessing an atmosphere of unity between the other CIBPA chapters and Board members to communicate with one another and provide insightful advice.
  • Commitment to support Italian organizations and businesses in the National Capital Region.
  • Showcase our shared Italian heritage.


  • To provide leadership to all members of the Ottawa chapter on debates of national economic importance.
  • To support member chapters on major economic, national, and local issues which will have a direct impact on their members.
  • To promote and grow the annual bursary program designed to help students of Italian heritage or Italian citizens in our community, and help them in pursuing their post-secondary education.
  • To ensure that the Ottawa Chapter and its members are represented at the National Federation and the CIBPA community across Canada.
  • To be a leading professional association in the National Capital Region, of which all constituent members and the Italian-Canadian community are proud of.
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development through lectures, seminars, workshops, and membership networking.
  • To continue providing public recognition to individual Italian-Canadians for outstanding business and professional achievements and community service work through our social media platforms.
  • To pursue any other purposes that are consistent with these objectives.